This is what I believe happened: I took out my UPass and got onto the bus. Then I put it back to my bag. And due to the low quality of my card holder, UPass and UBC Card slipped out on their way into my bag and no one, myself included, realised that they were somewhere on the floor. When I got off bus, walked to my door and reached for my keys, I realised that the card holder is completely empty. A natural conclusion: cards are in the bag. Then I emptied my bag, they were not there. Whoops.

Told mum what happened and what is about to happen: $60 bucks to replace them. Mum said, it’s good that you didn’t lose something more important, and from now on you won’t lose anything until next term.

Kind of true. I do have this lovely habit of losing something each term. First term first year, rez card. Second term second year, credit card. First term second year, keys. Second term second year, bank card. Now it’s UPass and UBC Card’s turn I suppose.

And losing all those things made me realise that once they are gone, they are gone forever, not like when I was in Singapore, the only thing gone forever would be cash, everything else gets returned to me unharmed.

Well well well…off to UBC Carding office tomorrow then. Pat pat and off to eat some fruit.


About Josie Xu

Economist want-to-be. UBCer 2012. Victorian 2008. Love British shows, music theatre, symphonic metal, reading, hiking and rock-climbing.

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