This is me. I was born in Jinzhou, Liaoning China and lived there for 15 years before I set on my journey elsewhere. I attended high school in Singapore on a full government scholarship, where I met some of my best friends and experienced the world from a different angle.

I travelled a lot my entire life. I went to London, UK when I was little and attended primary school there for a while. I travelled to almost all the provinces in China, including Tibet and Taiwan. The only province I have yet to go is Guizhou. I have also been to more than 30 countries in this world, and besides the poles, the only continent I have set foot on is Africa, which I fully intend to go to upon graduation. The countries I have been to (in more or less chronological order) are: UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Vatican, Norway, Danmark, Sweden, Indonesia, Vietnam, North Korea, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine,  Belarus, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, UAE, Mongolia, Brunei, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada.

I read widely, there is seldom a book I dislike. I love music, and play dulcimer and piano at my leisure. The realm of sports never cease to amaze me, though I am not a very active citizen in it. I am a trained mountaineer and rock climber, with some background in survival training. It is my dream to one day stand at the top of Everest.

I used to love science and had done research in physical chemistry. However, my interest later shifts to maths and economics and thus end up doing an honours degree in economics. I really love what I am learning and according to some of my professors, is really uncommon among students. I would say that economics, after all these years of study, is something I do not mind doing for the rest of my life. My passion lies in academic research, but more in teaching. I believe that influencing brilliant young minds is the best way to leave a legacy behind.

The mottos of my high school and university inspire and guide all I do. Nil Sine Labore and Tuum Est.

May what I do be pleased to my Lord in Heaven and to all live around me.


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