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This is what I believe happened: I took out my UPass and got onto the bus. Then I put it back to my bag. And due to the low quality of my card holder, UPass and UBC Card slipped out on their way into my bag and no one, myself included, realised that they were somewhere on the floor. When I got off bus, walked to my door and reached for my keys, I realised that the card holder is completely empty. A natural conclusion: cards are in the bag. Then I emptied my bag, they were not there. Whoops.

Told mum what happened and what is about to happen: $60 bucks to replace them. Mum said, it’s good that you didn’t lose something more important, and from now on you won’t lose anything until next term.

Kind of true. I do have this lovely habit of losing something each term. First term first year, rez card. Second term second year, credit card. First term second year, keys. Second term second year, bank card. Now it’s UPass and UBC Card’s turn I suppose.

And losing all those things made me realise that once they are gone, they are gone forever, not like when I was in Singapore, the only thing gone forever would be cash, everything else gets returned to me unharmed.

Well well well…off to UBC Carding office tomorrow then. Pat pat and off to eat some fruit.


I am from — a little something from GALA training today

I am from reading poetry and novles

watching clips from Broadway and Westned

from all the memories I have kept

and those that were lost


From endless wheat field and running horses

blue oceans and white beaches

From wiggling tails and paws

bright rainbow and yummy biscuits


I am from seeing Dad designing homes

Mum cooking my favourite stew

From the laughters and tears in school

ups and downs before my dream came true


The similarities bring us together

The differences make us stronger

That is my life

and it is always true




Sometimes when it is sunny, not at least not raining, I like to take a bus uphill. Then I walk back down, with every step watching the city getting closer. The sun dances on the water, houses and buildings glittering. And then there comes a point I can no longer see the water. Just the reflection of sun on those glassy buildings trying to blind me.

Some say I am insane to do something this trivial and meaningless. For me, it gives me the feeling I am arriving and discovering the city. It’s somehow feels like an angel descending to earth, and find myself in,another heaven until reality gets me.

Cute Nicknames

It took my like five seconds to realise my Godfather was talking about me. Everyone at home call me Posy and I really hate that name and go with Josie most of the time, though nothing I can do to change my family.

Then today when my godfather called, it was really awkward coz at first I thought someone got the wrong number… oops. Guess that is the downside of having Josephine as a name. My friends use all kinds of nicknames. Some are really easy to respond to like Jo, Joey, Jose. But others harder to get use to, like Fina, Safina, Sefi…

I guess there is no way to make nickname “official”. But keep them coming, some of the nicknames you guys use are really really cute and adorable.

Take it easy

After 304, I absolutely understood I was toasted for that one, hands down. Yet I don’t really care that much, and this is something lots people, or lots Chinese people really, cannot understand. Troy said to me, shouldn’t you be worried? You should not settle for anything less than 80. OH MY HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN.

I used to care about grade, a lot. But after my 5-6 years abroad, I stop to care. I made sure I understand the key concepts and could not care less beyond that. I am sure grade is not all my life is about and to be someone like my Chinese friends is the last thing I want to do in my life. I am sure they are honoured to be called know-it-all and professors by their peers and it is definitely cool to spend ten hours on an assignment that only worth like 0.5%. I never studied that hard and I am fine by most standards. A GPA of 4.33 is great, but I seriously doubt 3.8 is bad. And I have a life.

So my lovely and hardcore Chinese friends, I may speak your language but I am not one of you, at least not in this aspect. So try to take it easy, on me at least.